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More efficiency, top performance and user-friendliness. These are the advantages of our perfectly matched hydraulic and electronic components for mobile and stationary drive systems. Electro-hydraulic, hydraulic or mechanical control. Whatever you choose, drive commands are precisely carried out on the spot. This makes your machine work responsively and efficiently.

All hydrostats of the Linde Series 02 have been designed for high power density. The increased piston stroke together with the optimized flow paths give increased efficiency of our rotating groups which transmit more power through smaller build size. Specific design features and unique material combinations assure a high wear resistance and long service life.

High transport speeds, constant working speeds or fast working and load cycles – these factors have an immediate effect on fuel consumption and noise emission. With the optimum use of the diesel power over the entire operating range we help you to increase the performance of your machine and to lower fuel consumption and noise emission.

Furthermore, our noise optimized hydraulic pumps for open and closed loop applications relieve the machine operators and the environment. Costly measures for additional noise dampening are reduced.

  • Pumps HPR-02, HPV-02, Aluminium Gear Pumps, Cast Iron Gear Pumps, Low Noise Gear Pumps, Medium Pressure Closed Loop Piston Pumps, Medium Pressure Open Loop Piston Pumps, Discontinued Pumps
  • Motors Series 02 motors from Linde Hydraulics are different from those common in the market. They are able to provide the required torque even at low speeds and make it possible to start smoothly and sensitively. Therefore, additional gear ratios for rpm reduction are not necessary. This reduces the amount of parts going into the component and also increases the overall mechanical efficiency, minimises windage losses as well as the noise level of the machine. HMF-02, CMF, HMA-02, HMR-02, HMV-02, CMV, BB Series, BBC Series, S Series, Aluminium Gear Motors, Cast Iron Gear Motors, Discontinued Motors
  • Drives Advanced modular drive technology. Continuous variable transmission technology. Drives
  • Valves Linde directional control valves are designed for the use in the Linde Synchron Control (LSC) System which offers superior performance and increased efficiency. Monoblock, VT Modular
  • Controls A range of both electronic and hydraulic servo operator control interfaces. Components providing operator control of hydraulic and electrical systems. Man-Machine-Interface, Servo Controls
  • Hydraulics Hydraulic products from the Linde, Bondioli & Pavesi and Sampo Black Bruin ranges. More efficiency, top performance and user-friendliness Motors, Pumps, Valves, Drives, Servo Controls
  • Electronics Configurable control, Safety related applications, robust against disturbance. Electronic Control Units, Sensors, Man-Machine-Interface
  • Repairs & Service
  • Spares Linde Hydraullics Ltd carry an extensive stock of Linde spare parts for quick delivery.
  • Brands Distributors for Bondioli & Pavesi and Sampo Black Bruin. Well known and respected brands which Linde Hydraulics Ltd supply. Linde Hydraulics, Bondioli & Pavesi, Black Bruin Inc (formerly Sampo Hydraulics)