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Round coil, proportional and switching

Below is listed relevant information to help you identify which solenoid you have. In the event you cant find the required part or are unsure which part number to choose please contact us (details at the bottom of the page).

Please note the products listed are for the coil and connector part only and do not include the tube, nut or o-ring.

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From £49.06 £40.88 (Ex. VAT)
CodeDescriptionProfileVoltageConnector TypeStamped CodeOperation
0009736303Switching SolenoidRound24vAMP (Grey)Linde 24/36V 000 973 63 03On/Off £61.67£51.39 (Ex. VAT)
0009736326SolenoidsRound24vDINOn/Off £74.36£61.97 (Ex. VAT)
0009736342SolenoidsRound24vDINProportional £85.37£71.14 (Ex. VAT)
0009736352SolenoidsRound24vDeutschProportional £49.06£40.88 (Ex. VAT)
0009736354SolenoidsRound24vDeutschOn/Off £67.26£56.05 (Ex. VAT)