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Fixed displacement 135 cc/rev motor for open and closed ciruit operation

  • piston slipper assembly
  • 21 degree swash angle
  • housing
  • one-piece design for high rigidity
  • rotating group
  • continuous torque transmission from 0 rpm to max. rpm
  • valve plate housing
  • integration of various modular functions
  • purge function
  • fluid exchange

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Design characteristics

  • high pressure axial piston motor in swash plate design for closed and open loop systems
  • optimised start-up and low-speed characteristics
  • optionally with purge valves for circuit and case flushing
  • HP valves possible
  • through-shaft with bare shaft end or coupling flange
  • SAE High pressure ports, radial or axial
  • SAE mounting flange with ANSI or SAE spline shaft
  • plug-in version optional
  • speed sensor optional
General technical data
Rated size283550/5575105
Displacement HMV-02 can be set to 0 cc/rev displacementMaximum Vmax HMV 55-02, HMR 55-02: 54,8 HMF 50-02: 51,3cc/rev28.635.651.3/54.775.9105.0
Minimum Vminonly for variable and regulating motorscc/rev--18.325.335.0
SpeedMax. continuous speed(100 % duty cycle) at maximum displacementrpm45004500410038003500
Max. speed (intermittent)at maximum displacement, higher speed on requestrpm48004800440041003800
Max. continuous speed(100 % duty cycle) at min. displacementrpm--470044004100
"Max. speed (intermittent)at minimum displacement, higher speed on request"rpm--530050004700
PressureNominal pressureother values on requestbar420
Peak pressurebar500
Continuous pressure (?p)bar250
Permissible housing pressure(absolute)bar2.5
Torque (theoretical)Continuous output torqueat continuous pressureNm114142204/218302418
Max. output torqueat maximum operating pressureNm191238343/366507702
Power (theoretical)Continuous powerat maximum continuous speed, maximum displacement and continuous pressurekW546788/93120153
Maximum Powerat max. continuous speed, max. displacement and max. operating pressurekW90108147/157202257
Permissible shaft loadsAxial input /output forceN2000
RadialNon request
Perm. housing temp.Perm. housing temperaturewith minimum perm. viscosity > 10 cSt°C90
WeightsFixed displacement motorwith 2-hole mounting flange > 10 cStkg1616192633
Variable and regulating motorwith 2- or 4-hole mounting flangekg--283242
Max. moment of inertiakgm2 x 10-

Standard Linde-name plate

Each Linde Hydraulics unit features a name plate showing the type and the serial number. For a single order via ‘open variant’ a customer-specific number or free text with up to 15 characters can be stamped on the name plate.

TypeHMV 105-02Series 02 variable motor with the rated size of 105 the last 4 figures of the Bill of Material
234Type number of HMV 105-02
TLetter indicating year of production
12345Serial number
Part No.12345678Free text field for up to 15 characters


Rated size135165210280135D
Displacement HMV-02 can be set to 0 cc/rev displacement Maximum V max cc/rev135.6165.6210281.9271.2
Minimum V min only for variable and regulating motors cc/rev45.255.2709367
SpeedMax. continuous speed (100 % duty cycle) at maximum displacement rpm32003100270024003200
Max. speed (intermittent)at maximum displacement, higher speed on request rpm35003400300027003500
Max. continuous speed (100 % duty cycle) at minimum displacement rpm37003500320029003700
Max. speed (intermittent) at minimum displacement, higher speed on request rpm40003900350032004000
PressureNominal pressure other values in request bar420
Peak pressurebar500
Continuous pressure (?p)bar250
"Permissible housing pressure(absolute)"bar2.5
Torque (theoretical)Continuous output torque at continuous pressure Nm54065983611221079
Max. output torque at maximum operating pressure Nm9061107140418841748
Power (theoretical)Continuous power at maximum continuous speed, maximum displacement and continuous pressure kW181214236282362
Maximum power at max. continuous speed, max. displacement and max. operating pressure kW304359397474586
Permissible shaft loadsAxial input / output forceN2000
RadialNOn request
Perm. housing temperaturePerm. housing temperature with minimum perm. viscosity > 10 cSt °C90
WeightsFixed displacement motor with 2-hole mounting flange kg3975100--
Variable and regulating motor with 2- or 4-hole mounting flange kg5676101146149
Max. moment of inertiakgm2 x 10-
Transmission concept

Equipment manufacturers profit by the Linde Hydraulics transmission concept. Due to the direct conversion of the prime mover speed into wheel speed it is possible to reduce the number of drive line components and the energy losses in the operating cycle.

Speed steps of transmission concepts


Starting torque

Linde hydraulic motors offer uniformly high torque for smooth start up. Right from the start.


Torque at 350 bar and 2 rpm

Of a bent axis motor / Of a swashplate motor

Operational parameters. Life time recommendations

Linde high pressure units are designed for excellent reliability and long service life. The actual service life of a hydraulic unit is determined by numerous factors. It can be extended significantly through proper maintenance of the hydraulic system and by using high-quality hydraulic fluid.

Beneficial conditions for long service life

>> Speedlower continuous maximum speed
>> Operating pressurepressure less than 300 bar Δp on average
>> Max. pressure only at reduced displacement
>> Viscosity15 ... 30 cSt
>> Powercontinuous power or lower
>> Purity of fluid18/16/13 in accordance with ISO 4406 or better

Adverse factors affecting service life

>> Speed between continuous maximum speed and intermittent maximum speed
>> Operating pressure pressure more than 300 bar Δp on average
>> Viscosity less than 10 cSt
>> Power continuous operation close to max. power
>> Purity of fluid lower than 18/16/13 in acc. with ISO 4406

Operational parameters. Filtration

In order to guarantee long-term proper function and high efficiency of the hydraulic motors the purity of the pressure fluid must comply with the following criteria according to Linde Works Standard WN 51 210. High purity oil can extend the service time of the hydraulic system significantly.

>> For reliable proper function and long service life 18/16/13 in accordance with ISO 4406 or better
>> Minimum requirements 20/18/15 in accordance with ISO 4406
>> Commissioning The minimum purity requirement for the hydraulic oil is based on the most sensitive system component. For commissioning we recommend a filtration in order to achieve the requiredpurity.
>> Filling and operation of hydraulic systems The required purity of the hydraulic oil must be ensured during filling or topping up. Whendrums, canisters or large-capacity tanks are used the oil generally has to be filtered. Werecommend the implementation of suitable measures (e.g. filters) to ensure that therequired minimum purity of the oil is also achieved during operation.
>> International standard code number according to ISO 4406 purity class according to SAE AS 4059 18/16/13 corresponds to 8A/7B/7C 20/18/15 9A/8B/8C
Operational parameters. Pressure fluids

In order to ensure the functional performance and high efficiency of the hydraulic motors the viscosity and purity of the operating fluid should meet the different operational requirements. Linde recommends using only hydraulic fluids which are confirmed by the manufacturer as suitable for use in high pressure hydraulic installations or approved by the original equipment manufacturer.

Permitted pressure fluids

>> mineral oil HLP to DIN 51 524-2
>> biodegradable fluids in accordance with ISO 15 380 on request
>> other pressure fluids on request

Linde offers an oil testing service in accordance with VDMA 24 570 and the test apparatus required for in-house testing. Prices available on request.

Recommended viscosity ranges

Pressure fluid temperature range[°C]-20 to +90
Working viscosity range[mm²/s] = [cSt]10 to 80
Optimum working viscosity[mm²/s] = [cSt]15 to 30
Max. viscosity (short time start up)[mm²/s] = [cSt]1000

In order to be able to select the right hydraulic fluid it is necessary to know the working temperature in the hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic fluid should be selected such that its optimum viscosity is within the working temperature range (see tables).

The temperature should not exceed 90 °C in any part of the system. Due to pressure and speed influences the leakage fluid temperature is always higher than the circuit temperature. Please contact Linde if the stated conditions cannot be met in special circumstances.

Viscosity recommendations

Working temperature [°C]Viscosity class [mm²/s] = [cSt] at 40 °C
approx. 30 to 4022
approx. 40 to 6032
approx. 60 to 8046 or 68

Further information regarding installation can be found in the operating instructions.

Torque transmission

Depending on the selected components, different torques may be transferred. Please ensure that the load transfer components such as mounting flange and PTO through-shaft are designed adequately. Our sales engineers will be pleased to provide design advice.

Torque transmission of the hydraulic motor


The diagram Torque transmission of HMF / A / V / R-02 shows the output side A and the PTO through-shaft B of a motor.
The information on the following pages refers to

>> mounting flange and drive shaft A
>> PTO flange and through shaft B

A) Flange profile

Bolt hole dimensionsRated size HMF / A / V /R-02
50/5575105135165210280135 D
M1 inside diametermm17.517.517.521.521.5222221.5
M2 outside diametermm404040--40
M3 lengthmm2020202025303020

Bolt hole diameter / Bolt hole length


Torque transmission. Mounting flange

Mounting suggestions

Mounting flange dimensions in accordance with SAE J744 For rated sizeMountingDimensions
WasherScrewTorque (8.8) [Nm]Torque (10.9)* [Nm]K [mm]H [mm]V [mm]
SAE B, B-B28 & 3512.5x25x4M1280110146.0--
SAE C, C-C 2-holes55-10517x33x10M16195275181.0--
SAE D 2-holes135 & 16521x37x8M20385540228.6--
SAE D 2-holes with 4 additional bolt holes 135 D-M16-275228.6230190
SAE E 4-holes210 & 280-M20385540224.5--

*) Option for standard design, necessary for tandem units

2-hole flange / 4-hole flange


2-hole flange with 4 additional bolt holes


Plug-in housing for HMF/V/R 75-02

Rated size75
D1 [mm]190
D2 [mm]251
K [mm]224
L1 [mm]143
L2 [mm]124

Plug-in housing for HMF/V/R 105-02 und 135-02



Rated size105135
D1 [mm]216
D2 [mm]282
F1 [mm]55.8
F2 [mm]223.4
F3 [mm]129
F4 [mm]251.8
L1 [mm]169
L2 [mm]132175
Torque transmission. Drive shaft

A) Dimensions drive shafts

Shaft Spline (in accordance with ANSI B92.1)SAE J744 code for centering and shaft Outside diameter [mm]Usable spline length [mm]Shaft typeAvailable for rated size
28/3550/5575105135165210280135 D
16/32, 15 tB-B24.98291x
12/24, 14 tC31.22302x
16/32, 21 t34.5139.51xx
16/32, 23 t37.6838.51x
8/16, 13 tD43.71502xx
16/32, 27 t44.05621xxx
8/16, 15 tF50.06581x*x
16/32, 33 t53.57581x*

A) Linde Hydraulics shaft types

Type 1. Without undercut / Type 2. With undercut


A) Shaft torque

Shaft16/32 15 t16/32 21 t16/32 21 t16/32 23 t16/32 27 t16/32 27 t8/16 15 t16/32 33 t
Cont. torqueNm2834356048361079131816712243
Max. torqueNm42264990012451608196424903343
Torque transmission. PTO Through-Drive Motor

Based on a standard Series 02 variable hydraulic motor with single shaft end, the PTO Through-Drive Motor features two shaft ends for torque transfer. This enables the hydraulic motor to be installed directly in the drive line without transfer gearbox, reducing noise emission and fuel consumption. At the same time the overall efficiency increases.

B) PTO dimensions for HMV-02

Rated size105135165210280
Z drive shaft profilein accordance with ANSI B92.116/32, 19 t16/32, 21 t16/32, 22 t16/32, 24 t16/32, 27 t
D shaft diametermm31.234.5136.0539.2744.05
L1 shaft end length-housingmm30.116.2-0.520.918
L2 usable spline lengthmm41.531314447
L3 bearing stopmm49.63232.857.262
Continuous torqueNm4185406598361122
Max. torqueNm7361068130516542221

B) PTO dimensions / PTO Through-Drive motor w. coupling flanges

For a direct installation into the drive line


The closed loop

Representation of the hydraulic components of a closed loop hydrostatic drive: Variable electro-hydraulic controlled HPV-02 E1 pump (top view) and fixed displacement motor HMF-02 plus filter, cooler and oil tank. The function diagram and the circuit diagram show two types of cooling.

Function diagram


Circuit diagram


1 Hydraulic pump HPV-02 R E1
2 Charge pump
3 Option 1: Cooler in charge circuit
4 Option 2: Cooler in the return line
5 Filter
6 Hydraulic motor HMF-02
7 Tank
8 Venting valve

The open loop

Representation of hydraulic components in an open loop circuit, based on the LSC system as an example: A HPR-02 regulating pump with load sensing function for energy-saving flow on demand control and VW load sensing directional control valves for load-independent and simultaneous movements of several consumers without mutual influencing. The system is complemented with proven Linde products such as electronic controllers, swing drive and hydraulic motors.

Function diagram


Circuit diagram


1 Hydraulic pump HPR-02 E1L
2 Manifold valve plate
3 Pressure relief function
4 Directional control valves
5 Hydraulic cylinder
6 Hydraulic motor HMF-02
7 Cooler
8 Filter
9 Tank
10 Venting valve

Functions. Purge and case flushing

Purge and case flushing is used

>> for reducing the temperature of the motor and the system in the open and closed loop circuits
>> for replacing the oil in the circuit
>> to enhance filtration and
>> for removing air from the system
>> International standard

For equipment options for Series 02 motors please refer to the model code.

Purge flow in closed loop circuit

VersionPurge valve pressure CBV settingDiagramPurge FlowDiameter of orifice
Standard10 bar with 20 bar feed pressure310 l/min2.5 mm
Standard14 bar with 20 bar feed pressure210 l/minwithout orifice
Restricted10 bar with 20 bar feed pressure35 l/min2 mm
Restricted14 bar with 20 bar feed pressure35 l/min2.5 mm
Increased10 bar with 20 bar feed pressure220 l/minwithout orifice
Flow controlled14 bar with 20 bar feed pressure44 l/minwith flow regulator

Purge valve 1. Without (0 l/min) / Purge valve 2. Standard and increased


Purge valve 3. Restricted / Purge valve 4. Flow controlled


Functions. Crossline relief (secondary) protection

The secondary valves (crossline relief valves) protect the system from pressure overload by using two interlinked pressure relief valves (combined with check valves). It is recommended for applications where this protective function is not provided by other means (e.g. through primary protection at the pump or LS valves). The secondary protection includes a make up function. It prevents cavitation and is required in an open loop circuit if the motor requires more oil than is supplied. For special situations like in the swing gear drive the installation of controllable secondary valves is recommended. For equipment options for Series 02 motors please refer to the model code.

Without crossline relief valve


With crossline relief valve protection


With dual pressure crossline relief valve protection

A, B Work ports
L, L1, U Case drain/vent connections
X, Y Control connection for dual
pressure crossline relief valve
E Make up connection

Functions. Signal selection for pressure regulator

Pressure regulated motors shift to maximum displacement at high operating pressure, irrespective of which side is under pressure. In propel drives this can have undesirable effects. For example, if the motor shifts to maximum displacement during the transition phase from straight travel with low system pressure to overrun (deceleration, downhill travel) with high pressure on the reverse side, an extremely strong vehicle braking effect will occur. The signal selection for pressure regulator prevents the regulator being subjected to this braking pressure and, therefore, ensures that the motor remains at minimum displacement. For equipment options for Series 02 motors please refer to the model code.

Without signal selection for pressure regulator / With signal selection for pressure regulator



The counterbalance (brake) valve prevents the motor over speeding during an over-run situation. To achieve this, the motor return flow is automatically and continuously metered such that it always matches the input flow. Different braking responses are
possible. The integrated make-up function simultaneously prevents cavitation. A purge and case flushing function is also integrated. Counterbalance (brake) valves are typically used for drive systems in open loop circuits. The function of the high pressure relief valves can be integrated in the counterbalance valves. Further types of counterbalance valves are shown in section “Dimensions. HMR-02”.

With counterbalance (brake) valve, here: axial attachment




Brake valve1”1 ¼”
Length L168.5168.5
Width B165.7195
Functions. Speed sensor

Speed sensors electronically register the motor speed and send an associated input signal to electronic drive controls. Examples are shown below.

Without speed sensor / With speed sensor



Motor types

Based on the respective system requirements, Linde Hydraulics offers fixed displacement, variable displacement and regulating motors with high starting torque for open and closed loop operation. Optional auxiliary functions, zero displacement capacity and PTO through-shaft enable higher machine design flexibility and increase the efficiency of the travel drive. The motors are optionally controlled electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically.

Function overview

Motor typeControl/functionProduct name
Fixed displacement motorHMF-02
with swing drive functionHMF-02 P
displacement adjustableHMA-02
Regulating motorVmax pneumaticHMR-02
Vmax hydraulic, low pressureHMR-02
Vmax hydraulic, high pressureHMR-02
Vmax electricHMR-02
Variable displacement motorstepless variable control, hydraulicHMV-02 H1
stepless variable control, electricHMV-02 E1, E4, E6
two position control (flip-flop), hydraulicHMV-02 H2
two position control (flip-flop), electricHMV-02 E2
hydraulic stepless variable control w/ pressure override and electric pressure selectionHMV-02 EH1P HMV-02 EH1P CA

HMV-02 H / HMV-02 E


HMV-02 EH1P / HMV-02 PTO


HMV D-02 / HMV T-02


HMR-02 / HMF-02


HMF-02 P / HMA-02


Motor equipment. Cross over relief valve block

The cross over relief valve block offers additional high pressure protection for the series 02 motors. It is mounted to the radial high pressure ports. As well as this protective function, the block offers tee connectors for the high pressure connections in order to connect an additional motor to the system without the need for long hoses.


Further features

>> modular add-on functionality
>> for radial high-pressure connections
>> for all HMV/HMR/HMA-02 motors


>> additional high pressure relief in closed circuit application
>> pressure relief exceeding the pump relief valve capability, for example while breaking hydraulically with high displacement ratio HMV Vmin/Vmax
>> connection of a second motor with minimized hydraulic hose length, for example tandem motors
Motor types. HMF-02

The HMF-02 motor is a high-pressure fixed displacement motor for open and closed loop operation. Secondary valves enable customised definition of soft motor start-up and slowdown. With dual setting secondary valves the maximum acceleration and braking torque is additionally available. The settings and shifting ranges can be adjusted according to project-specific requirements, see sections “Functions. Crossline (secondary) protection” and “HMF-02 P”.

Fixed displacement motor HMF-02


Fixed displacement motor with crossline relief valves fixed setting


Motor with dual pressure crossline relief valves



A, B Work ports
L, L1, U Case drain / vent connections
X, Y Control connections for dual pressure
crossline relief valve
E Make up connection

Motor types. HMF-02 P

The HMF-02 motor is a high-pressure fixed displacement motor for open loop operation. With integrated LS directional control valve and TC torque control it combines the benefits of the Series 02 with all auxiliary functions typically required for application in swing and winch drives. The HMF-02 P is available in the rated sizes 35, 55, 75 and 105. Differing from the standard HMF, the nominal pressure is 280 bar, the peak pressure is 300 bar.

HMF-02 P with integrated swing function



>> directional control valve function
>> torque control function
>> HP valves with controllable characteristic curve
>> priority function
>> secondary protection combined with make-up function
>> purge and case flushing function
>> anti reaction valve

Product benefits

>> smooth low-speed operation
>> high starting torque
>> torque and speed control
>> controllable counter-rotation
>> compact design
>> high power density
>> high reliability
>> hlong service life

TC function

For powerful and dynamic application in swing drives the TC function enables control pressure-dependent acceleration. Once the maximum rotating speed is reached, torque control is superimposed and pressure level is reduced for energy-saving operation. If the control valve is reset to the neutral position, no additional control signal is generated and the rotary motion slows down uniformly. Active counter-rotation is possible with controllable secondary valves. A counteractive control signal is generated, and the rotary motion is decelerated along the characteristic counter-rotation pressure curve.


P, T Work port connections
L, U Case drain / vent connections
LS LS-pressure connection
M Gauge ports

Dimensions. HMF-02
Rated Size2835*50*75*105*135165 HMA210 HMA
D1 [mm]101.6127152.4165.1
B1 [mm]146181228.6224.5
B2 [mm]162200250258269
B3 [mm]146166250268
B4 [mm]149169250268
H1 [mm]617073828698135
H2 [mm]617073828698135
H3 [mm]crossover relief valveswithout6772788389120134
with fixed setting108116119128137--
with dual pressure setting129137140149158--
H4 [mm]69798388132133
H5 [mm]6469758086132133
L1 [mm]415675
L2 [mm]193202229254277314336
L3 [mm]191200227252275305336
L, UM22x1.5M27X2
E connection fot anti-cavitation oil supplyM18x1.5M22x1.5--

*) For dimensions of HMF 35-02 P, 55-02 P, 75-02 P and 105-02 P, please see the installation drawing

Metric connection thread according to ISO 6149-1

Locking thread for the SAE high pressure-connections. Metric according to ISO 261
Hexagon socket head cap screws according to ISO 4762

Radial high pressure-connections


Axial high pressure-connections





Rated size28/3550/5575105135165210280135D
F1 [mm]50.857.266.657.2
F2 [mm]748410284
F3 [mm]23.827.831.827.8
A,B [mm]¾”1”1 ¼”1 ¼”
S [mm]M10M12M14M12

Input flow and drive shaft rotation


Modular system features

The Series 02 motors are based on a modular system with the following characteristics. This enables our distribution partners to configure the product according to your requirements. The latest characteristics and available options can be taken from the model code, which is available on our homepage.

>> Vmin
>> Mounting flange
>> Drive shaft
>> Vmax control
>> Control orifice
>> Direction of HP-connections
>> Purge valve setting
>> Shuttle valve
>> Drain port U, L1, L2s
>> Coupling flange
>> PTO Through-Drive
>> Port threads
>> Type of control
>> Remote control pressure
>> Start of control
>> Voltage for E-controls
>> Connectors for E-controls
>> Displacement fixing
>> Speed sensor
>> Pilot pressure compensation
>> Surface treatment
3D Model HMF-02-A2-135N-000N10N0000-DS0T27-R00-000-R00-N
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