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Variable displacement bent axis motors for closed and open loops

  • high power density
  • high speeds
  • low windage losses

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Design characteristics

  • axial piston motors in bent axis design for high pressure closed and open circuit systems
  • standardized interfaces
  • speed sensor optional


  • hydraulic 2-position (H200), default= Vmax
  • hydraulic stepless (H400) Vmin= 0cc/rev, default= Vmax
  • electro-hydraulic 2-position (E200), default= Vmax
  • electro-hydraulic stepless (E400) Vmin= 0cc/rev, default= Vmax
  • electro-hydraulic (E600), default= Vmin
  • hydraulic stepless with pressure override and electric pressure side selection (H1P6), default= Vmax

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Technical Data CMV

Maximum displacementcc/rev6085115140170215
Maximum operating speed at Vmaxrev/min445039003550335031002900
Maximum operating speed at Vminrev/min720068006150580049004600
Nominal pressurebar450450450450450450
Maximum pressure**bar500500500500500500
Output torque (at Δp=430 bar and Vmax)Nm41158278795811631471
Corner powerKW191238293336378447
Weight approx. (without oil)kg27.736.344.859.262.176.4
*sizes at development stage, Contact us
**highest transient pressure, that can temporarily occur
3D Model CMV-A2-115-E400-AX-D4D5-AM-F-S-V-0-XX-XXXXXX-XXX0
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