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LinDriveT. Dynamics for enhanced economic efficiency.

  • Rapid reversing
  • Dynamic acceleration and braking
  • High transfer speed
  • Defined load characteristics
  • Enhanced handling performance

With mobile machines, dynamic drive behaviour depends on the rapid execution of driving commands. Regardless of whether operators are accelerating, braking or reversing, with LinDriveT each and every machine can impress with drive characteristics tailored to the specific situation. This allows you to complete loading and unloading work, positioning and transportation more quickly and with greater ease, which results in enhanced driving comfort and improved handling performance .

LinDriveT gives wheel loaders the dynamic capability they need to constantly improve handling performance on construction sites: good manoeuvrability, rapid reversing and the powerful intake of bulk material ensure rapid, ultra-efficient operation. Bulldozers use LinDriveT to achieve optimum dozing and ripping power from start-up right through to the highest speeds. Impressive dynamics are also required for field work, where tractors accelerate to their maximum operating speed with no interruption of the tractive effort and in a smooth and stepless manner. Dynamic drive behaviour ensures that mobile machines integrate seamlessly into the flow of traffic when travelling to their next site of operation, moving with high speed and absolute safety .

The optimised interaction between the Series 02 pumps and motors enables the best possible utilisation of the installed power, which in turn results in dynamic drive behaviour and operation. The substantial actuating forces that act in the Series 02 control mechanism irrespective of load ensure that the pumps are swashed promptly and that driving commands are executed immediately, resulting in maximum traction at the wheel.The machinery load statuses are processed electronically or hydro-mechanically within the signal circuit, producing a machinery response that is adapted to requirements. Thus the pump control and the rapid motor response define the dynamics of the machinery. The propel drive dynamics can be specified on an individual basis to suit the specific application. They may be agile and sporty or smooth and gentle, but they are always precise with a high starting torque.

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