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LinDriveT is not just about precision, it's not just about dynamics and it's not just about a reliable propel drive. LinDriveT is the ideal combination of all three elements. It is this ideal combination of performance factors that produces the unbeatable LinDriveT driving experience - an experience that is amplified once combined with the capabilities of the other work functions; an experience that enhances economic efficiency and boosts the benefit to you.

For maximum economic efficiency and the best possible performance.
The unique LinDriveT driving philosophy from Linde Hydraulics focuses on the complete working system - including both man and machine. It does not focus purely on achieving optimum utilisation of the available engine power and absolute reliability of the propel drive; it also ensures simple and intuitive operation. If an operator feels in complete control of the machinery, his work will be more effective and the machine will be able to operate with maximum economic efficiency.

What are the special features of machinery fitted with LinDriveT?

  • Precise manoeuvring thanks to direct machine control
  • Dynamic drive behaviour through optimum utilisation of the installed power
  • Total reliability thanks to high operational availability of drive components and high safety standards

LinDrive = Precision
Intuitive machine operation and precision control lead to extremely effective work and enhance the economic efficiency of your machine.
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LinDrive = Dynamics
Regardless of whether operators are accelerating, braking or reversing, with LinDriveT each and every machine can impress with drive characteristics tailored to the specific situation and you can benefit from enhanced driving comfort and improved handling performance.
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LinDrive = Reliability
The reliability of the Linde propel drive stems from the high operational availability of all its system components and its comprehensive safety concept.
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