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Intelligent distribution of fluid.

The Linde Synchron Control System, in open loop circuits, converts the commands of the machine driver into direct signals to the actuators. The easy control of all components supports efficient fatigue-free working.

Simultaneous load-independent movements and a pump control ”on demand” are preconditions for fast working cycles with at the same time low operation cost. Safety and optimum exploitation of the machine are, apart from power regulation and high pressure relief, provided by the optional priority selection.

Even with synchronous control of several functions the priority mode guarantees preferential operation of predominant actuators.

Product advantages

  • system can be individually adapted to customer specifications
  • supply to additional actuators is optional
  • simple system control
  • adjustable power limiter
  • fast response pressure cut off
  • simultaneous motion of several actuators without reciprocal or with defined influence
  • excellent sensitivity
  • valve plate with optimised single valves
  • electronic override feasible
  • low fatigue working